Safe Boating Tips in Foul Weather

Checking the weather forecast before going boating is crucial. This is because storms can be dangerous. In the event you are caught in bad weather, below are some helpful tips.

Do not Panic

It is important to stay calm in case an unexpected thunderstorm happens. If you panic, you wouldn’t think straight, and you might make wrong decisions. Stay calm and think about how to best handle the situation.

Wear Life Jacket

If an unexpected storm happens, advise everyone to wear a life jacket. Life jackets can be lifesaving if the boat capsizes or when the boat hits a wave hard and passengers are sent flying overboard. It is also important to wear foul weather gear such as hooded raincoats, waterproof trousers, drysuits, and more.

Reduce Speed

During storms, visibility is usually poor due to heavy rainfall, large waves, and strong wind. It is advisable to reduce your boat’s speed. Slowing down improves your vision in this foul weather. Also, turn on the navigation light to allow other boaters to see your boat’s bow and stern.

Other foul weather tips include using a handheld emergency radio to alert others of the situation, disconnecting electrical equipment, and taking a boating class to know how to handle such situations.