Designing Your Boat Interior

If you are lucky enough to own a cabin cruiser or even a small yacht, it will undoubtedly have a relaxing lounge area. This is a lovely space to relax when moored up or even somewhere to hang out if you have your own crew sailing the boat and don’t need to do anything. It can be great fun designing the interior of a boat, and you can choose any theme you want. Most people stick to nautical colors, but you can be as daring as you wish!

Choosing Soft Furnishings for Your Boat

You will want your lounge area to be nice and comfortable, with an inviting look, and this can be achieved with the addition of some soft furnishings, such as cushions. These also have the benefit of being interchangeable, so if you want to swap your design, it’s a simple task. It is similar to how you can update your sofa at home if it is getting a little worn. You can purchase sofa covers from the renowned company of Bemz to give your lounge a new look.

Select a Theme

Rather than having a mismatched collection of furniture and furnishings on your boat, it is better to choose one specific theme to tie the look together. You probably do this at home anyway. For example, if your lounge area has a floral theme, then you can purchase a sofa cover from Bemz that has a pretty flower design. A popular theme for a boat can be a coastal look, with blue and white decor accented with a soft yellow, and perhaps the addition of some seashells.

Multi-Purpose Living Space

If you have a smaller boat with only one interior space, then you won’t necessarily have a bedroom area. If you plan on taking long journeys, then you will need somewhere to sleep. Similar to an RV, you can have multi-purpose seating that opens up into a bed as required. This should be easy to put together, as you don’t want to spend ages working out where each piece goes at the end of a long day! You will need curtains for privacy, and Bemz can custom design them to your preference.

Outdoor Seating

Having designed the perfect boat interior, you will also need to consider the outside space. If you have a large deck area, then you could have some comfortable sun loungers or deck chairs. You may choose to continue the same theme as your interior space and have contrasting colors instead. A quick glance at the Bemz catalog will give you an idea of what colors go together. Planning your boat furnishings is a fun project that will give you hours of pleasure!