Make Your Boating Experience Better with App Technology

From single-log boats to wooden manual crafts to electric boats and now yachts, boating has come a long way. There are a million reasons why this activity is still prevalent today. Personally, I like boating because it is fun. The soothing blue color of the ocean alone can be enough reason why you should go boating. With modern technology, you can make your boating experience even more fun. I’m talking about app technology. So what does this technology have to do with boating? Before I look at that, let me scratch the surface of what to see when boating. Of course, there are many things to expect, but I will confine myself to aquatic plants.

Aquatic Plants

Let no one tell you that the ocean or sea is devoid of plants. Have you heard of water lilies, duckweed, or alders? They all grow in water. And oh, there are naiads, cattails, and quillworts. You’re likely to come across all of these plants while boating. Now, plants are gorgeous; it doesn’t matter where they are located.

Improving Your Boating Experience with App Technology

Yes, boating is a pleasant experience even without app technology. However, the experience will be fantastic if you’re carrying app technology in your pocket (I mean a mobile phone), and specifically Planta app technology, whose benefits we’re going to be looking at shortly. As we have seen in the previous section, the sea or ocean is not just home to fish, sharks, and other creatures; it hosts plants too.

Planta App

The Planta app has been touted as one of the best plant care apps in the market. And let’s not tell ourselves that our homes are better off without plants. I already mentioned that plants are gorgeous, which means they make any space look great. On top of that, plants clean up the air in our homes, allowing us to breathe in good quality air. That’s something we can’t take for granted. Personally, living without plants in my home is almost impossible; I just can’t fathom that. Thus, on your boating trip, you may want to bring home some of the aquatic plants you will come across (and I have done that myself many times). While your home is not a sea or ocean, I suggest you don’t hesitate to do that since the Planta app offers you free tips on how to take care of any plant in your home.

With the Planta app, you will be able to identify and accurately name the plants you come across while boating. How do you do that? Simple, just take a photo of that plant with your mobile phone, and the app will name the plants. What’s more, Planta will give you a guide on caring for that particular plant. So, if you’re deciding to take home the plant, there is nothing to stand in your way. If you, however, choose not to take the plants with you, just knowing the names of them using the app is still good fun. Other benefits of the Planta app include the following:

  • It provides plant care schedule reminders
  • It has a light scanner which helps to know the amount of light your plant needs
  • It has the Dr. Planta feature which detects health issues of your plants and offers remedies